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Please note the following: To my US and non-US customers - Delivery Expectations - Please Read

Newtonian Telescope Mirrors 

NOW! Conical mirrors in 6, 8, 10, 12.5, 14.5 and 16 inch sizes. Go here for details

My mirrors are made to the following design and use specifications. 

I produce a standard line of high accuracy telescope optics featuring Newtonian (fully corrected parabolic) Primary Mirrors. These mirrors are carefully ground and slow polished and are individually made to the highest standards for the discriminating user. Each one is made entirely by me from start to finish. Every mirror is carefully examined for pits and other surface defects and hand figured and tested until it meets or exceeds the specified level of accuracy. If you order a mirror from me, you do not have to wonder if the mirror is a good one. You needn't worry if the edge is polished or if there is primary surface ripple, or if there are pits or if the figure is correct. If it left my shop, it's up to my advertised standards, just as though it were being produced for the US Government or any commercial user.

It is not my intent to reach the mass amateur market, but rather to supply the individual who wants his or her telescope to perform at the highest level with optics of guaranteed and carefully defined and specified accuracy, something you will not find elsewhere. The accuracy of my mirrors is not expressed in such meaningless terms as diffraction limited or planetary quality and other vague, technically undefined and non-performance binding language. As in the world of non-amateur commercial optics, these mirrors are guaranteed to be of the advertised accuracy as expressed in professional terms. If you want to know more about what I do and how I do it, see Accuracy - What Does it Mean? , A Better Method of Measuring Optical Performance, Testing and Certifying in Detail and Manufacturing Process.

Orders are processed in the order in which they are received and delivery will generally take from two weeks to 90 days depending upon availability of product and materials and work load. Every attempt is made to quote realistic turnaround times. See Ordering Procedures and Delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: The standard line items are given below. Any requested deviation from these specifications places the order in the special item category and prices are quoted on an individual basis. As a general rule, mirrors having moderate focal ratios other than those specified below will be charged $100 extra for 8 and 10 inch sizes and $150 for 12.5 through 16 inch sizes to cover special tooling costs and additional set-up and manufacturing time. Mirrors having very short focal ratios (less than f/4.5) will be charged according to the difficulty involved. Please also note that 6" mirrors are no longer made as a standard item except for the conical f/5 mirrors. Larger mirrors and conical cross-section mirrors may take longer to manufacture due to lead time required to manufacture blanks.

Please note: The following are mirrors at standard focal ratios found to be commonly useful for various applications. Odd Focal length (non-standard) mirrors cost more depending upon the nature of the deviation from standard, the risk involved in producing a unique item and availability of materials. See more here.

Conical Cross-section and Standard Parabolic Mirrors
See description on new 6, 8, 10 and 12.5" inch conical mirrors as well as 14.5 inch and larger mirrors for mounting methods. Please note that the 8, 10 and 12.5 inch mirrors come all required mounting hardware.

A General Description of Conical Mirrors

Conical Mirror Specifications

CM designates a conical mirror and SM designates a standard full-thickness mirror.
Please note this when ordering

Item Number

Diameter and
Aperture Ratio

Price* Deposit
CM 6.5 - SM 6.5

6", f/5

$485* $100
CM 6.5 - SM 6.6

6", f/6

$485* $100
CM 8.4 - SM 8.4 8", f/4 $790* $100
CM 8.45 - SM 8.45 8" f/4.5 $775* $100
CM 8.5 - SM 8.5
CM 8.6 - SM 8.6
CM 8.8 - SM 8.8

8", f/5
8", f/6
8", f/8

$750* $100
CM 10.4 - SM 10.4 10", f/4 $895* $100
CM 10.45 - SM 10.45 10" f/4.5 $875* $100
CM 10.5 - SM 10.5
CM 10.6 - SM 10.6
CM 10.8 - SM 10.8
10", f/5
10", f/6
10", f/8
$850* $100
CM 125.4 - CM 125.4 12.5", f/4 Now in continuous face design **
CM 125.45 - SM 125.45 12.5", f/4.5 Now in continuous face design **
CM 125.5 - SM 125.5
CM 125.6 - SM 125.6
CM 125.8 - SM 125.8

12.5", f/5
12.5", f/6
12.5", f/8

Now in continuous face design **
CM 14.4 - SM 14.4

14.5", f/4

$3,100* $700
CM 14.4 - SM 14.45

14.5", f/4.5

$3,000* $700
CM 145.5 - SM 145.5
CM 145.6 - SM 145.6

14.5", f/5
14.5", f/6

$2,900* $700
CM 16.4 - SM 16.4 16", f/4 $3,700* $900
CM 16.4 - SM 16.45 16", f/4.5 $3,600* $900
CM 16.5 - SM 16.5
CM 16.6 - SM 16.6
16", f/5
16", f/6
$3,500* $900

** Please note as "continuous face mirror" in your order

* Prices subject to change if energy costs increase cost of Pyrex

Reflective Coatings

Protected aluminum reflective coating is included as part of price

Mirrors come with protected aluminum as the standard coating at the above prices but you can request other coatings by e-mailing me.  Enhanced coating prices are individually quoted and are extra.