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Please note the following: To my US and non-US customers - Delivery Expectations - Please Read

Ordering Procedures and Delivery

Under normal conditions an e-mail or telephone call is all that is necessary to get an order under way. Since much of the production work is extremely individual in nature, terms and conditions need to be discussed individually with regard to each order.

When purchasing a standard mirror, the buyer can either print out the following form and physically mail it to me, signed and with the deposit check enclosed. This insures that the buyer has read and understands the terms of purchase. Standard Mirror ordering procedures are as follows: 

Step 1. E-Mail me and tell me you are interested in buying a mirror and specify the mirror you want (diameter and focal ratio) as well as the type of coating. Protected aluminum is standard but others are available. I will respond and give you the turnaround time guaranteeing the optic to be finished by a date a specific number of days after receipt of deposit check. Actual shipping will be determined by the coater. Coaters occasionally have backlogs and I can not be responsible for their schedules, however, I will always try and get your mirror to you in a reasonable amount of time. If this is acceptable send me another E-mail confirming that the purchase is to take place. You will then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. This page is to be printed out and filled in as indicated. If you can not print this page out, I will send you one by surface mail. When the page is filled out, the buyer is to sign at the bottom and send me the required deposit as a good faith deposit. When the items, or any portion of the items, are ready for shipment, the buyer is to send the remainder of the cost. When the final payment is received, the item(s) will be shipped.

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International Customers

Note! If you're an international customer and you don't know what the United States currency equivalent is in your local currency, take a look at Xenon's Currency Converter(tm) But remember, you must issue a check to me in US currency.