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Order Form for Newtonian Mirrors

Buyer:____________________________ Street:________________________ City:______________

Town: ______________________ State (County, Province):_________________________________

Country:_______________________________ Zip or other mail code:_________________________

E-Mail Address:__________________________ Phone Number ______________________________

Please fill in the item number and price from the preceding web page and indicate the quantity:

Write in Part Number to Indicate Purchase Description Price Quantity




SAMPLE PM 10.6 10" f/6 Parabolic Mirror $850 1


Prices include protected aluminum coating.  For other enhanced or exotic coatings E-Mail me and we will make arrangements.

Shipping costs included in price if inside contiguous 48 states. Connecticut residents add 6% sales tax.

Cost of Mirror(s) $
Add Cost of Enhanced Coating(s) $
Total Base Cost $
Sales Tax (if applicable) $
Total Cost $


The mirror will be completed within the time frame quoted. Coating will be done at the coaters schedule for which I am not responsible.

The purchaser will send a check in the deposit amount as specified made out to R.F. Royce - POC. This is a good faith deposit and will hold his/her place in the production schedule. If the buyer cancels the order, I will return the deposit less any costs incurred for shipping or coating.

If the maker is not able to complete the optics in the specified time frame, the purchaser will be reimbursed 100% of any moneys paid in advance. Coater's delays are not my responsibility.

If the mirror fails to perform as guaranteed, the purchaser will ship the mirror back to the maker and will be reimbursed 100% of purchase price.

If the purchaser decides that he/she does not want the mirror for any reason other than it fails to pass the guaranteed performance criteria, the purchaser may return the mirror, but will be charged a minimum of $100 for repackaging and recoating. If there is any other damage, additional costs may be subtracted from the purchase price at the discretion of the maker up to and including costs to remanufacture.

Upon completion of the mirror and coating the buyer will send the remainder of the payment. Upon receipt of the payment I will ship the optic(s) to the buyer.

The purchaser understands the above purchase agreement and signs below indicating that he/she understands and agrees.

Signed: _______________________Print Name _____________________ Date:______________