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Things of Interest!

Seeing Spots - A study of achromatic refractor performance

Making a Curved Vane Spider & Holder

A new design for an 8" f/8 Newtonian

A Quick Read Two Mirror Reflector and Catadioptric Types - Explained

Winter Star Party 2010 with the 16" Dall-Kirkham OTA

Winter Star Party 2009 with the 12.5" Dall-Kirkham OTA

Winter Star Party 2008 with the 10" Dall-Kirkham OTA

A Review of one of my 8" mirrors and a 15" mirror

Cleaning Mirrors - A new and better version

Mars is ALWAYS coming again! - Don't wait - Order you mirrors in advance and avoid the rush.

FINISHED AT LAST! Smaller Conical Mirrors are HERE   Go to conical mirrors for pricing and description
    See one person's easy-to-make home-made cell.

And now HERE as well, a lightweight 10" f/6 telescope you can build for conical and standard mirrors

Amateur Telescopes   Pictures of people who have built telescopes and taken images using my optics.

Observing Essentials - What you really need to get the most out of high resolution observing

A Cassegrain Primer - Answers to questions about Ritchey-Chretien, Classical and Dall-Kirkham Systems
   An aid to those contemplating the purchase of a Cassegrain type system. The facts and figures.

An Analysis of the Impact of Focal Ratio on Off-axis Images
   An aid to those contemplating the purchase of a short ratio mirror. The facts and figures.

Some comments and experiences from customers