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Buyer Experience

The following are unsolicited responses and experience from individuals who have bought my optics and used them. I include them to help give confidence to those contemplating purchasing my products. They are presented as they were sent to me with minimal editing for continuity only. 


Eric Ng and Alan Chu  Hong Kong - 10" f/6 mirror

[These two gentlemen, working atop a multi-story building in the heart of one of the most light polluted cities in the world, have have recently done work far exceeding anything I ever dared to imagine.] 

"This Saturn is just a start. I hope to regularly give you surprises and try pushing the limit of your mirror. I was impressed that even at 833X, the Saturn appears as rock solid!!! My gosh!!! I guessed it can exceed 100 per inch." [Click on picture to see a page full size images of Saturn and Jupiter.] Stunning new moon pictures!

[... and later] "Is me again!!! Eric from Hong Kong. Tonight the sky is clear and the seeing is fairly good. I captured some shots of the moon, Saturn and Jupiter. Attached is the preliminary version of the Jupiter taken with your perfect optic!!!" 

Eric Moermann - Zele, Belgium - 12.5" f/7 conical cross-section mirror

"Last Sunday I had the very first look with my telescope (12,5 f7) at the moon and I have to say that you did an incredible job. It's one of the very best views I have ever seen in any telescope. Unfortunately the weather was not so good, a lot of clouds but the seeing was absolutely perfect, around 9/10. I started with a 13mm ocular (mag.170) and it looked like I was looking with a magnification of 50. Then I tried it with a 4.7mm (mag.476) and nothing changed, still sharp. I put in a 2 times Barlow and a 4.7mm (mag.953) and the image was still sharp! You can see that I was using a ridiculously high magnification, but there was no image breakup. Amazing! If this is truly a appr.1/8 Lambda on the wavefront then I think there are very few amateur telescopes out there of this quality. Congratulations and thank you a lot for doing a great job!"

Ritesh Laud - Houston, Texas - 8" f/6

"Although I haven't yet had a chance to take the scope out to a dark sky site, I've confirmed the mirror's excellent performance on close double stars (I was able to see notches in the Double Double at 41x, also cleanly split Alnitak at 102x, Rigel at 55x) and on Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon. The optics refuse to get "mushy" at high power, remaining crisp at over 400x. Stars remain Airy discs instead of dissolving into soup, and planets retain cloud details, although the most detail I've been able to see on the planets has been at about 200-300x.

"The main thing your mirror's done for me is to make me want a bigger one! Maybe in a couple years if I move into a house and have a garage for a larger scope, I'll consider a 14" f/6 or something on that order."

[and several days later...]

"Last night from my balcony I was able to split 1.2" S3062 at 150x, with black space between the components! It's comforting to own a mirror that splits close doubles at such low powers with contemptuous ease!"