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A partial list of companies for whom I have made optics:


Naval Postgraduate School

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Kennedy Space Center

Brookhaven National Laboratory

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Ball Aerospace

Sarnoff Corporation - Iris recognition project

Barr Associates

Aerospace Corporation

Axsys Technologies

Composite Mirror Applications - One meter convex parabolic mandrel - CERN Accelerator-RICH1 43"mandrel

Various small scientific companies and scientists

Various colleges and universities

And many, many amateur astronomers


I have acted as consultant in many of the above assignments regarding optical and opto-mechanical design applications. The one meter convex parabolic surface required the invention and practical application of a new embodiment of the Hindle shell test.

One Meter f/3 Mandrel


Four CERN Accelerator-RICH1 rectangular mirrors made from a 1.09 meter diameter 2.7 meter radius mandrel

One Meter f/3 Mandrel