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Larger Apertures - At prices that you can afford

We make off-axis, unobstructed optical collimators and beam expanders to your specific requirements. Tell us what you want and we'll work up a design and quote you a price. And because of our unique and new design work, it may not cost nearly as much as you might have thought. Collimators can be made from 6" to 16".

For example, an 8" off-axis, unobstructed, two-mirror collimator (two mirrors only, no coating no mounts) having an inter-mirror separation of 80" and diffraction limited over a 1/4 degree field, costs $4,500 in Pyrex. This is considerably less expensive than typical similarly sized and proportioned two-mirror, unobstructed systems which can cost $15,000 or more. How to we do it? Instead of aspherizing both mirrors, only the smaller secondary mirror is aspherized, the primary being left spherical. This design permits a method of manufacture that can drastically reduce prices. And there is no compromise in performance.

For those interested in holographic work, where extremely smooth and regular surfaces are required, my polished surfaces have been routinely measured at less than 8 Angstroms RMS and deliver high-quality wavefronts.

Beam expanders are more expensive to produce because of the difficulties involving testing but the same labor-saving principle described relative to collimators can be applied to beam expanders as well.

We can also provide mirror mounts and design assistance specific to your requirements 

Please do not hesitate to call 203-484-7705 for assistance.