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Thomas Thurman - Warner Robins, Georgia

Tom bought a 10" f/8 conical cross-section mirror from me in the fall of 2008 and built this unique and attractive telescope. Tube is made from two sections of Protostar Blacklight impregnated phenolic resin tubes. They come with the interior pre-lined with black fuzzy ant-reflecting material. I have used these tubes myself and find them excellent. The young night assistant can be seen next to the astronomer/builder.

Often there are complaints that the long tubes required for f/8 telescopes make them too long for convenient transportation. Well, here's another example of what I tried with my 6" f/15 refractor back in 1993, a flange connector. They work very well. The parts are easily cut and glued together with resin. Note the handles fitted to both the top and bottom sections for easy handling.



Cell showing battery packs and fans. With a long tube like this you need to have fans in order to remove the air currents

Reverse side of cell


Finished cell. Another simple and effective design made from plywood. The bolt in the center holds the mirror - no clips, no support system.


The f/8 ratio allows for a small central obstruction. Secondary mirror, spider and holder is by Protostar.