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Amateur Telescope Makers' Section - The people, and the telescopes that people have made using my optics


This section is devoted to those people who love to build things; in particular, telescopes. This is how I began at the age of 13; and, in a state of arrested development, I'm afraid to say, remain. Although now a professional optician, I'm still an amateur telescope maker and have a love of amateur made telescopes. I like to look at the work of other amateur telescope makers and use their instruments. In an age typified by the convenience of cell phones and the frustration of shrink-wrap (or is it the other way around?), it's refreshing and just, perhaps, a little wonderful to see the self-conceived work of an independent, creative and energetic mind.

                                    People and Pictures


                               A Little Amateur History
If you ever wondered where this hobby came from, here is a condensed history.


                             Amateurs From The Past
Coming soon. Some old telescopes and their makers.