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The 16" f/18 Dall-Kirkham that we took to WSP. Mars was great and the telescope performed excellently but the weather was terrible. Out of the entire week we had perhaps three decent nights and only one without serious wind. The lower end is seen here covered with an easily removable and adjustable cloth skirt. This is necessary to keep heat from the observer's head away from the surface of the mirror.


The all-important rear end. The tailpiece is easily removable from the back plate with six screws and has a quick connect on the back end that holds a Moonlight 2.5" refractor focuser. Once the tailpiece is removed the mirror can be disconnected from the tip-tilt plate and easily removed for cleaning or coating.


An admirer.


Unwrapping after a very rainy and windy night. Waterspouts were reported and I worried about the scope blowing over, but she held. I soothed my frayed nerves that night with a jug of Carolan's.


The telescope with the focuser removed and the mirror covered in preparation for disassembly.


Lower end showing conical mirror inside of its fabricated tubular rear cell cage. There is a 13" long 2" diameter super-flocked baffle tube that has already been removed for transportation.


Telescope showing front end of tube removed for transport. The tube comes apart in two sections. The front section weighs 20 lbs and the back end 70 lbs.


All packed for shipment home - only 1,500 miles to go.


But, no matter what the weather, there are always the Key Deer on Big Pine Key, where we stayed. Amazingly tame, these beautiful miniature deer are frequently available for a pet. Above is one of a group of four that wandered around the condo, I scratched it on the back and muzzle like a dog.  For more information on these remarkable creatures go here

Photo Geoff Ginos

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Initial Delivery and Observing Report  


The 16" Dall-Kirkhams are available on a custom built basis. Please go here for prices and additional information.