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General Construction
New design aluminum U-channel struts
The basic construction of this telescope is a full Surrier truss system with the component parts made of extruded aluminum channel and welded hollow square stock with machined back plate and front end ring as well as various other parts. This is an extremely rigid tube assembly. All parts and joints are either welded or bolted together. All metal surfaces are powder coated. Powder coating is a very tough and resilient coating, far more resistant to abrasion and damage than any paint. The color scheme is black back plate, end ring, mounting plate and end parts with silver vein struts and center square.




Pictures above show the general method of attachment of the struts. Instead of tubular struts I have used U shaped struts cut away at the ends so as to form simple, convenient and strong points of attachment. This type of construction eliminates the complexity and weight of separate end pieces. Strut ends are attached with 3/8" stainless steel Allen head machine screws.


At the right is seen a welded corner of the center square. This square, made of 1.5" square hollow extruded aluminum and forms the main stress and weight distribution point of the tube assembly. Once again, you can see how the struts are machined to create attachment tabs.


The method of attaching the struts at the ends can be seen here from the inside. The 3/8" nuts are blackened stainless steel.