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The Telescope Bag

This is a plastic-cloth cover that can be easily slipped over the tube when it's time to wrap things up for the night or when bad weather approaches. The cover slips over the end of the telescope and is pulled around the back end and closed with two zippers that meet at the declination axis. The bag is not water tight but it is water resistant and will protect the telescope from dew and light rain. The material is that commonly used for barbeque grill covers. The inside of the bag is a soft cloth that will protect the tube from scratches.

Telescope is seen here with and without the bag on its temporary test mount.


The bag can completely cover the telescope and be used as a long-term storage container. The zippers meet roughly in the middle and close up the bag.


The process of putting on the bag is very simple and begins with slipping open back end over the front of the scope.

The bag is pulled over the tube.


Then pulled over the back of the tube,


and the zippers pulled together.

Zippers allow for the bag to fit snugly around any dec axis.