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See what Anthony Wesley from Australia did with one of my 14.5" conical mirrors 
and now he found a comet impact

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Dall Kirkham Spot Diagrams
This is why my D-Ks do not need additional corrector lenses

Sirius B was imaged by Brian Shelton at the Winter Star Party 2010 with one of my 12.5" D-Ks. No spikes and a round pattern. 

Click on the picture to read more.

Transit of Venus video. Great example of the backdrop effect.

Venus transit Video

Now making convex hyperboloids

. . . for RC secondaries and high energy laser telescopes. No need for primary mirror or large Hindle spheres. Proven technique works! additional details here.

*** I was at the Winter Star Party 2012 and it was terrific. Wonderful viewing every night ***

Four planets were visible, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Staturn. I had my 8" f/6 Newtonian there and all five were sharp and clear at 427 X. Performance like an APO. Stunning.





I have discontinued making telescope tube assemblies

Now making only optics as advertised.


Build Your Own Telescope
Have fun and make something as good as you can buy
Several projects detailed here.

Building your own telescope is a lot of fun and you often wind up with something better than you can buy without spending a lot of money. Over the years I have developed several building projects. They are presented here so you can build a great telescope with high-quality optics.

Super deep sky images from France
Vince Steinmetz 
Be inspired by what a smaller mirror can do

See what Vincent Steinmetz, from Strasbourg, France has done with one of my 8" f/4.5 conical mirrors. Here is NGC 6888 M101, M81 and M1 (read his comments about zero image shift with a conical). And this new marvel of astro-imaging, NGC 891

New and interesting work by
Jan Fremerey 
At last a prime focus imaging telescope

In Bonn, Germany, Jan Fremerey has built a 10" f/5 prime-focus telescope that is taking amazing images of Jupiter. The prime-focus design is rarely used yet it is a natural for imaging. Here is his web site, a picture of the telescope and here is an animation of Jupiter and Io and another of Jupiter. All that from one of my 10" mirrors.

New super images by Richard Müller
With a 12.5" conical

In Lohmar, Germany, Richard Müller and his 12.5" f/4.5 Newtonian has produced a series of wonderful astro images. Note the absolutely perfect collimation as seen in the star images.

 We make Off-axis, Unobstructed Optical Collimators and Beam Expanders 

Off-axis, unobstructed optical collimators and Beam Expanders for science and industry are now available, and, due to our unique design and manufacturing techniques, they can be made larger and offered at prices considerably below those customarily encountered. Read More

Conical Mirrors

A brief explanation as to why these mirrors work so well in all sizes for all types of telescopes. Design advantages, thermal properties and mounting explained.
Optical products for science and industry

On-axis parabolic, ellipsoidal and hyperbolic mirrors routinely down to f/3

Off-axis parabolic, ellipsoidal and hyperbolic mirrors. 

ConVex aspheric surfaces, both on and off-axis 

Single and multiple element refractive systems. 

Larger high-accuracy flats of varying shapes. 

Interferometric analysis. 

Custom design work and design assistance. 

High quality optics for professional and amateur astronomy


Parabolic mirrors for Newtonian telescopes.

Compound reflective optical systems including Cassegrain, Ritchey-Chretien, Dall-Kirkham and various modifications. Refractive systems including achromatic and apochromatic objectives and full aperture corrector catadioptric systems including Schmidt, Maksutov and Houghton types along with near focal corrector systems.

Both standard full-thickness and conical cross-section mirrors for Newtonian and compound systems.

Articles for the amateur about telescope design, construction and use.


New product for both amateur astronomers and professionals.

 The conical cross-section mirror has arrived for Newtonians. Light in weight but no compromise in wavefront accuracy. - And no flotation cell required. Mounting is simplicity itself. The first real advance in lightweight larger aperture Newtonian telescopes. Details inside!